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Face Fit Training

Under the COSHH 2002 Regulations, employers have a duty to provide face fit testing for their employees. Face fit testing is a method for checking that a tight fitting face piece matches the person`s facial features and seals adequately to the wearer`s face.
A face fit test is designed to ensure that any (RPE) respiratory protective equipment is providing suitable & effective protection to the wearer.

The training is specific to each delegate and includes:

  • How to check the mask is working properly before use
  • How to identify worn or broken parts
  • How to check the mask still fits
  • Limitations of the mask to be used

Mask Selection

Asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer and lung diseases so all RPE must give the wearer proper protection. When selecting a mask to be used for work with asbestos it is important that P3 filters are used. When coupled with a tight fitting face piece this gives a protection factor of 20.
Delegates are welcome to bring their own masks with them if they prefer.

Face Fitting

When a mask fit for the job has been chosen, we will run through a series of short tests. These are designed to demonstrate that the mask gives protection and fits the wearer's face.
The tests are easy to perform, and the effectiveness is judged on a taste test. Whilst the test is qualitative (the mask works or it doesn't; no in-between), the results are clear.

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