CHAS Accreditation

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CHAS Accreditation is a safety compliance scheme that is an integral part of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), which assists in the health and safety pre-qualification process.

It improves your professional image and allows you to win work that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Reduce the time-consuming process of tendering for new work. Reducing Administration time. You will secure exclusive CHAS membership benefits that could save your company hundreds of pounds a year, including tailored business insurance, fuel discounts, e-learning training, and Business Shield support.

Gain pre-qualification for projects with 1,000+ CHAS clients. Your company will be added to the publicly searchable database of all CHAS members, which can be looked through by clients when it is looking to engage a contractor.

Gain work opportunities with Local Authorities. Affiliates your business with the SSIP. It brings value to your business. It emphasizes to potential clients that you are taking your health, safety, and well-being obligations seriously. Shows you’re trustworthy and committed.

From an advertising perspective, when you become a CHAS member, you will be entitled to use the CHAS logo on both paperwork and your website. This will show potential clients with peace of mind that you have met a required standard.

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