Construction Phase Plans

Under the Construction Design & Management Regs 2015 (CDM) the principal contractor must produce a construction phase plan outlining the key organisation and arrangements to ensure that the health and safety of the project has been planned and can be undertaken safely.

Construction Phase Plans (CPP’s) are required on all construction projects and must be drawn up during the pre-construction phase prior to site set-up.

The construction phase plan is usually prepared by the principal contractor to outline the organisation and arrangements for managing health and safety on-site during the construction work.

The regulations apply in full to non-domestic projects and ‘domestic’ projects although the duties which might otherwise fall to the ‘domestic’ client become the responsibility of the contractor and architect or designer.

The Safety Management Consultants can assist you with the development and supply of the CPP and supporting documentation for the management of health and safety on site for example Site Registers, Tool box talks, Permits to Work etc.

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