Competent Persons

Need Competent Health and Safety Advice in Your Business?

Your company and your employees must have ready access to competent advice or have a dedicated competent person to enable you to meet the requirements of current health and safety legislation.

The Safety Management Consultants Ltd can be your Competent person and support your business for all aspects of health and safety, be part of the team, effectively an employee without the salary and additional administration on a retained basis.

Our consultants are experienced and fully qualified to take on this role. We all have extensive underpinning knowledge and experience and hold NEBOSH qualifications with both Graduate and Chartered levels of IOSH Membership.

We understand that some businesses not large enough to justify or afford to pay for a dedicated in-house safety person, however we can fulfil this requirement via our retained Competent Persons service.

With our retained Competent persons service, you can use our trading name and our CV’s as your retained ‘Competent Persons’ who advise and provide guidance to help to fulfil your statutory duties under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

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